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A 5v5 tactical shooter game with a ton of strategy is called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The callouts are one of the elements of the game's strategy. In CSGO, every tiny area of every map has a separate name so that it is simple to identify where a player is.The single largest aspect that may make or ruin a team is these callouts. That's not hyperbole when I say that a dearth of callouts can easily result in your team losing the game. As a result, we prepared the most frequently used CSGO callouts for Dust 2 map.

There is no way you could learn all 20 callouts for simply Dust 2 in one sitting. If you're unfamiliar with callouts, save this page so you may refer to it the next time you play on the map. You will be able to recall all of the callouts with enough perseverance and focus. After saying that, let's go on to the callouts.

Callouts for Dust 2 map

Part 1

  • T Spawn

If you're on the attacking side, you'll utilize this callout as your first. You may buy your weapons, equipment, etc. at T Spawn, which is also where the attackers spawn. You cannot leave this location before the round begins.

  • T Plat (Platform)

There is a free space on the left side of T Spawn that can be used to hold an AWP angle toward the tunnels (discussed later). The name of this space is T platform.

  • T Ramp

T Platform's neighbor, T Ramp, is a ramp. However, in most cases, you can just hop on the boxes from the platform to have simpler and faster access. This can be used to hurry towards tunnels and onto B Site.

  • Outside Tunnels

This is, as the name implies, the space between the platform and the tunnels. While there is open space, if the Defenders are pushing, a camp could be set up at one of the corners next to the tunnel.

  • Upper Tunnel

This is the upper portion of the tunnel on Dust 2 that connects to Bombsite B, Lower Tunnel, and Outside Tunnel in three different routes.

  • Lower Tunnel

There are stairs leading to the lower tunnel, which is located on a floor below the upper tunnel. This points in the direction of the Xbox and the middle area, which are discussed later.

  • B Car

A automobile with a little pit next to it is located on the right side when you enter B Bombsite through the tunnel. As a favorite camping spot for defenders, this location is known as B Car and is one of the most crucial callouts.

  • Big Box

The large box in the center of B Bombsite is this. If someone is camped out nearby in a little area, they can be called out.

Part 2

  • B Plat

This region can be very challenging to clear out for attackers and is one of the most well-known AWP angles for defenders. B Site's B Platform is an empty space.

  • B Back Site

The region behind B Site can be used to set up a camp, lay a bomb, or act as an attacker or defender in the aftermath.

  • B Doors

The two enormous doors on B Site, known as "B Doors," are the most crucial angle for attackers to control in a post-plant scenario.

  • B Window

This window may be scaled and is accessible to both attackers and defenders from both sides. It is located above the bombsite.

  • CT Mid

A section of the map's central region. It is known as CT Mid since it is close to CT Spawn.

  • CT Spawn

If you're a defensive player, this is your initial callout. the location where defense personnel spawn and acquire their weapons, gear, etc.

  • Mid Doors

the doors close to CT Spawn and the bottom tunnel. On one side of the door is mid, and on the other is CT mid. It's yet another well-known AWP angle.

  • XBOX

when you emerge from the lower tunnel, the large box in front of you. In order to avoid an AWP angle to mid and Catwalk, people frequently smoke there.


Part 2

  • Mid

The callout for the middle of the map, which includes the ramp and the region above it, is mid.

  • Catwalk

On the side of the main ramp is a little lane. It is a well-known callout that leads to A Short.

  • Suicide

Suicide is the name of the tiny alleyway that runs between mid and T Spawn. This is due to the fact that passing via this location is viewed as suicide because defenders have an easy AWP angle from midfield.

  • Double Doors

Double doors are the two substantial doors close to mid and A Long. Through these doors, attackers can reach A location more quickly.

  • Blue

Blue is the color of the trash can that is outside the double doors. You can infer the cause of that.

  • Side Pit

The term "side pit" refers to the space to the right of the main pit. This spot is perfect for defenders to camp out in, provided that attackers don't rush through the double doors extremely early.

  • Pit

A small ditch area next to a location that has an impenetrable door at the end.

  • Pit Plat (Platform)

Pit Plat refers to the platform to the left of the pit. There are a few stairs you must climb to reach there.


Part 3

  • A Long

A Long is the huge open space close to A site that is impossible for attackers to go through.

  • A Car

On A site, there is an automobile with a small crevice, just like B car. In contrast to the B Car, this is much simpler to clear with a Molotov.

  • A Cross

A cross is undoubtedly the most challenging region to conquer if A Long isn't. Defenders may have an angle on you when you pass through this region from CT Spawn, site, and A Short.

  • A Ramp

A Ramp is the name of the ramp close to A Site.

  • Barrels

Since defenders frequently set up camp here, the two barrels above the ramp have their own callout.

  • A Plat(Platform)

There are numerous areas to camp on the entire A Site, also known as A platform, in the event of a plant failure.

  • A Short

A Short refers to the space between Catwalk and A Platform. Some people also refer to these as staircases because they feature stairs in the middle.

CSGO Dust 2 Callouts Interactive Map

All of the CSGO callouts for Dust 2 will be fulfilled by that. I hope this information was useful.

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