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After Microsoft revealed its next-generation Xbox console, all eyes turned to PlayStation 5. Even though there isn't an announcement from Sony itself, a fan predicted how PS5 may look like.

The fan-predicted design below comes from a ResetEra user named "CrimsonNocturne". After posting his ideas online, he 3D modeled the console to show how it could look like. On this basis, the new PlayStation may look similar to the design below.

A possible PS5 design finally came into the picture

First, we need to say that the design is not much PlayStation-ish since Sony usually approves slicker designs. But, since Microsoft also opted for an unusual design, this is also possible. Is this design ugly? Answering the question would be subjective, so we will leave that to you.

Before the slim and pro models, PlayStation 4 also had a very much different design then what we now have. So, ruling out possibilities will not take us places. The fan-made design looks more possible than what devkit images offer nowadays. Instead of futuristic spaceship design, a V-shaped black box seems more possible.

A possible PS5 design finally came into the picture

Do not hesitate to take a look at the design above and leave your comments below. Would you like the PS5 to look this way? Let us know.

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