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It's the ideal time to evaluate the most recent FIFA 23 Player Ratings because the game's official release is just around the corner and many gamers are now playing the Early Access. Every year, football fans are intrigued to learn the most recent FIFA player ratings for their favorite players. Following a wild football season in 2021–2022, there were many online speculations about who would be the player with the highest rating. We have included the FIFA 23 Best Premier League Players in today's guide to keep things consistent.

Some of the best football players of the present generation may be found in the most competitive league in the world. Of all the leagues, there is no denying that the Premier League provides the best entertainment. Additionally, English teams have had some outstanding runs in the UEFA Champions League in recent years.

Due to the intense competition and outstanding performances, it is safe to assume that the Premier League player ratings in FIFA 23 are respectable. You may even build your Ultimate Team around elite players from the Premier League.

The best 20 FIFA 23 Players in the Premier League are listed in our guide. We all know that superstars like Virgil Van Dijk, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin De Bruyne, Mohamed Salah, and many others will be on the list, but who will win first place? Only after you get to the end of our list will you learn!

Having said that, let's get to business and learn about the Premier League players who performed best in the most recent FIFA game.

Premier League 2021-22 Season Overview

20 BEST FIFA 23 Premier League Players

Let's recap how the previous Premier League season played out before we get to the interesting part. This section will go through some of the season's major events as well as the outstanding players that were able to take home individual honors. Knowing these details will enable you to pick out the best Premier League players.

There were some major news at the start of the Premier League 2021–22 season. The most significant of them is Cristiano Ronaldo's return to Manchester United. Football fans were excited by the announcement that one of the best players in the world would be returning to the Premier League and joining them in FIFA 23.

The red devils' season, however, didn't go as planned, as they came in sixth place on the table following a lackluster campaign.

In fact, things got worse when Manchester City, their neighbors, went on to win yet another Premier League championship. The team led by Pep Guardiola was nearly flawless the entire season and emerged as a serious contender. So, it stands to reason that some of the Manchester City players must have solid FIFA 23 ratings.

Liverpool, on the other hand, spent the entire season just behind Manchester City. They came in just one point behind Manchester City, who took the championship on the last day of the regular season.

The Top 5 during the 2021–22 Premier League Season were as follows:

  1. Manchester City (Champions)
  2. Liverpool
  3. Chelsea
  4. Tottenham Hotspur
  5. Arsenal

After that, let's concentrate on some of the player performances from the previous season that contributed to their overall high ratings in FIFA 23. With 23 goals each, Heung-Min Son and Mohamed Salah led the Premier League in scoring last season. By assisting his teammates 13 times over the course of 38 games, Mohamed Salah also took the top spot in the assists category.

Alisson and Ederson both maintained 20 clean sheets, which was the most of any Premier League goalkeeper in the previous season. Due to his incredible efforts throughout the season, the magnificent Kevin De Bruyne was named the Premier League Player of the Season.

Now that we've covered everything, let's move on to the juicy part and list all the Premier League players with the best ratings in the most recent FIFA game!

Highest-Rated Premier League Players In FIFA 23

20 BEST FIFA 23 Premier League Players

As we already indicated, we have chosen to include the best 20 Players from the Premier League in our guide. Without a question, these players are the best in all of football, not just the Premier League. So, when creating your team in Career Mode or Ultimate Team, you can rely on them.

Nevertheless, the thrilling 2021–22 season provided us with several unique brilliant moments. In addition to their success in the Premier League, the English teams also did well in the UEFA Champions League. Manchester City advanced to the semifinals, Chelsea advanced to the quarterfinals, while Liverpool came in second. Real Madrid, the Spanish Giants, defeated them all and went on to win the match.

Analyze every player's overall performance over all league competitions. They developed the ratings and attribute figures for FIFA 23. Here are the best 20 players among the hundreds of Premier League players in the most recent FIFA game.

(Note: The statistics listed under each player's name only apply to how they performed in the Premier League.)

20- David De Gea (87 Rating)

Despite Manchester United having a dismal season, two great players were able to lead their squad to a position in the European competition. One of them was David De Gea, who was vital for United. They would have ended up much lower on the table if it weren't for him.

The Spaniard played in the English Premier League 38 times. Even though he was able to maintain 8 Clean Sheets, only his 128 Saves helped him stand out. These figures might not seem significant, but when you consider how terrible Manchester United's back four was in the previous campaign, you can see how much De Gea has accomplished.

In addition to his 87 Overall Rating, FIFA 23 has rated him at 88 for diving, 89 for reflexes, 80 for handling, and 84 for positioning.

19- Trent Alexander-Arnold (87 Rating)

Trent Alexander-Arnold is one of Liverpool's top playmakers despite his defensive shortcomings. The English right-back has some of the best speed and crossing skills in the league, if not the entire globe.

Last year, the youthful defender played 32 times in the Premier League. Throughout the entire season, he only lost 2 games and recorded 17 Clean Sheets. Trent scored two stunning goals and contributed 12 assists, which was second most in the Premier League last season for defenders.

Trent Alexander-Arnold received an 87 in FIFA 23. He scores 76 for pace, 80 for dribbling, 80 for defense, and 89 for passing in terms of qualities. Watch him closely to add that extra playmaking talent to your Ultimate Team!

18- Kalidou Koulibaly (87 Rating)

For a few years, Kalidou Koulibaly has been without a doubt one of the world's top center backs. For eight arduous years, the Senegalese served the Italian team Napoli. He served as their fulcrum and helped the group achieve some amazing results last season. He has recently joined Chelsea in an effort to establish himself in the Premier League.

Koulidou Koulibaly has only played 5 times for Chelsea so far this season. During which he was sent off against Leeds United but also scored a great goal against Tottenham.

Koulibaly played for Napoli in 27 games last season. Despite playing center back, he scored 3 goals and contributed 3 assists thanks to his exceptional heading skill. In Serie A last season, the enormous defender produced 84 clearances and 29 interceptions.

He received an overall rating of 87 in FIFA 23, along with the following stats: 82 Pace, 88 Defense, and 85 Physical.

17- Andrew Robertson (87 Rating)

We have another Liverpool fullback that is among the best Premier League players in FIFA 23 after Trent Alexander-Arnold. The Scottish international, Andrew Robertson, ranks exactly the same as his teammate on our ranking. Throughout their 2021–22 Premier League run, Liverpool's defense and playmaking unit relied heavily on Andrew Robertson.

Last season, Robertson played 29 times for Liverpool in the English Premier League. He maintained 16 Clean Sheets, and his defensive efforts were noted. Not only that, but the Scottish defender also contributed 10 assists and three goals to his team's success.

The long list of FIFA 23 players with a rating of 87 now includes Andrew Robertson. He has the following in-game stats: 81 Dribbling, 82 Defense, 81 Passing, and 80 Pace.

16- Rodri (87 Rating)

Rodri is the first member of the Manchester City team to appear on our list of the best rated Premier League players in FIFA 23. One of the calmest players on the field is the Spanish central defensive midfielder. He has perfect positioning and vision, and he has no trouble getting his team out of tight situations. In the Premier League 2021–22 season, Rodri's assistance was crucial to Manchester City's title-winning success.

The Spaniard appeared in the Premier League 33 times last year. Although Rodri played the position of a box-to-box midfielder, he still managed to score 7 goals for his team. On the final day of the campaign, he scored one of his goals, helping City win the Premier League.

79 Dribbling, 83 Defense, and 84 Physicality are some of Rodri's finest in-game numbers and traits according to FIFA 23.

15- Fabinho (87 Rating)

Other than Rodri, another CDM was able to achieve an 87 rating. Brazilian-born Fabinho played for Liverpool last season and was a major contributor to their successful campaign. He was even used by Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool as a center back during the 2021–22 Premier League season. Liverpool always appeared to have an additional player on the field when Fabinho was at the peak of his game.

He played in 29 games for Liverpool last season, scoring 5 goals in those games. In addition, his defensive statistics were very respectable. The Brazilian contributed with 46 tackles and 193 recoveries.

A rating of 87 was given to Fabinho by FIFA 23 as a result of his perseverant play. His attributes are 86 Defense, 78 Passing, and 83 Physicality, to name a few.

14- Bernardo Silva (88 Rating)

One of the game's most adaptable players is Bernardo Silva. For your team, he may play the positions of a CAM, CM, or winger. Additionally, he has the absolute best ball handling technique in the Premier League. He has a high player rating in FIFA 23 as a result of all of these factors.

The key player in Man City's championship-winning season last year was Bernardo Silva. For The Citizens, he made 35 appearances during which he made 8 goals and 4 assists. His goal-scoring output, though, doesn't accurately reflect how he played last season.

The skillful dribbler from Portugal scored an 88, but his other top qualities are as follows: 92 dribbling, 78 shooting, 77 pace, and 84 passing.

13- Rúben Dias (88 Rating)

Ruben Dias has become Manchester City's all-around leader since joining the team in 2020. His leadership abilities are unmatched, and he has elevated Manchester City's back four to entirely new levels. Additionally, the Portuguese CB received a high rating in FIFA 23 due to having one of the top defensive statistics in the Premier League last season.

Last season, Ruben Dias played 29 times for the Champions and managed to score 2 goals for his group. Additionally, he assisted in 4 goals for his teammates. Ruben Dias contributed to the defense with 65 clears and 108 recoveries for a 73% tackle success rate.

His exceptional defensive performances allowed him to finish FIFA 23 with an 88 Rating. The two top qualities of the Premier League CB were 88 Defense and 88 Physicality. One of the most powerful players in FIFA 23 is Ruben Dias.

12- Joao Cancelo (88 Rating)

On our list of the best Premier League Players, Joao Cancelo, another member of Manchester City, came in at number 12. The superior ball skills of Joao Cancelo are well known to all Premier League fans. His screamers are unmatched, and there have been plenty of them since the previous season. He is, in our opinion, FIFA 23's Best Left Back.

Last year, the Portuguese player played 36 times for Manchester City. Joao Cancelo contributed 7 assists in addition to 1 goal. Additionally, he has scored once this season in the Premier League. In the 2021–22 season, Joao Cancelo made 83 tackles with a 65% success rate while recording 19 clean sheets. Additionally, he made 217 recoveries.

Joao Cancelo received an 88 rating on FIFA 23. His traits include 81 Defense, 85 Passing, 85 Dribbling, and 85 Pace. We believe that Joao Cancelo's shooting statistics (73) in FIFA 23 were significantly undervalued.

11- Erling Haaland (88 Rating)

The football player with the deadliest striker right now! Erling Haaland is unstoppable and is now in the Premier League to frighten the Defenses thanks to his hot summer transfer to Manchester City. In the current (2022-23) Premier League season, Erling Haaland has already caused chaos. The Norwegian forward has only made seven Premier League appearances, but in those seven games, he has 11 goals.

Since the FIFA 23 ratings are based on his stats from the previous season, let's concentrate on them right now. As everyone is aware, Haaland spent last season playing for German team Borussia Dortmund. The 22-year-old scored 22 goals in 24 appearances in the Bundesliga. Haaland has been scoring like crazy since his rise in European football, and even in FIFA 23 he has a great chance to rank among the top goal scorers ever.

Erling Haaland received an 88 rating in FIFA 23 at such a young age. His game stats include the following: 89 Pace, 80 Dribbling, 91 Shooting, and 87 Physicality.

10- N’Golo Kante (89 Rating)

N'Golo Kante, another Chelsea player, is the second and last person on our list. The French CDM is an absolute workhorse who barely ever breaks throughout a match. Since the 2015–16 season, Kante has been well renowned for his overwhelming presence on the field.

Kante appeared 26 times for Chelsea during the 2021–22 Premier League season. He had 2 goals and 4 assists in the previous campaign. The French International made 59 tackles, 153 recoveries, and 31 interceptions in addition to that. He was Thomas Tuchel's ideal central midfielder the previous year.

His perseverance earned him a spot among FIFA 23 best Premier League players again again. He received an 89 rating from the game, and some of his characteristics include 81 Dribbling, 87 Defense, and 82 Physicality.

9- Ederson (89 Rating)

Ederson is the second goalkeeper to appear among the best 20 Premier League players in FIFA 23, following David De Gea. The fact that Manchester City won the league is not just attributable to their midfielders and forwards; Ederson played an outstanding job between the goalposts to keep his club in several games.

Ederson played 37 times for Manchester City, which means he missed just one Premier League game all year. In 37 games played while he was there, City only let up 26 goals. Ederson won the Golden Glove Award for the 2021–22 season because to his 60 saves and 20 clean sheets.

Ederson received an 89 Rating on FIFA 23. His abilities include 87 Diving, 88 Reflexes, 93 Kicking, and 88 Positioning. Take a short look at some of them below.

8- Harry Kane (89 Rating)

Harry Kane ultimately stayed at Tottenham following the entire transfer disaster during the 2021 summer transfer window. He had a tough start to the Premier League campaign and one of his worst goal droughts ever. Harry Kane started to find his groove again though after Tottenham hired Antonio Conte as their new manager.

The 37 appearances the English international made with the Spurs. Harry Kane scored 17 goals and provided 9 assists in the 2021–22 Premier League season, despite a poor start. Son was able to win the Golden Boot in large part due to his contribution to the attack, which propelled Tottenham to new heights.

Harry Kane scored an 89 in FIFA 23. Additionally, he scores well in the following categories: 82 dribbling, 91 shooting, 83 passing, and 82 physicality.

7- Alisson (89 Rating)

Alisson joins Ederson on the list of the best 10 Premier League players, following in his footsteps. Under the Brazilian flag, Alisson and Ederson may be allies, but when it comes to the Premier League, they are bitter rivals. While playing for Liverpool last season, the Brazilian national once again demonstrated his toughness in front of goal.

Alisson played 36 times in the Premier League for Liverpool last year. As a result of his presence, Liverpool was able to maintain 20 clean sheets, and Alisson and Ederson split the Golden Glove Award last season. The tall Brazilian outperformed Ederson by 16 saves with 76 total.

FIFA 23 attentively observed his performances and gave him the same 89 rating as his countryman Goalkeeper. Here are some of Alisson's finest qualities from FIFA 23: 85 Handling, 85 Kicking, 89 Reflexes, 86 Diving, and 90 Positioning.

6- Casemiro (89 Rating)

The Premier League roster has recently added Casemiro. Even though we analyzed various World Class CDMs for our ranking, none has yet surpassed Casemiro's caliber. At the close of the 2022 summer transfer window, the Brazilian completed an unexpected move to Manchester United. After winning his fifth Champions League with Real Madrid, he left the club. Yes! Fifth, you read that correctly.

Following a fantastic campaign with Real Madrid, Casemiro won another La Liga and UCL championship. He played a crucial role in Real Madrid's incredible season last year. There is no way for any player to stop or go past Casemiro once he finds his rhythm. He is thus unquestionably the best CDM in FIFA 23.

Casemiro is rated at 89 by FIFA 23. In addition, he has the following stats in the game: 75 Passing, 72 Dribbling, 87 Defense, and 90 Physicality.

5- Heung-Min Son (89 Rating)

20 BEST FIFA 23 Premier League Players

Heung-Min Son, a South Korean, is ranked as the fifth best Premier League player in FIFA 23. He is an amazing player and skill, and he demonstrated both of those qualities during the Premier League 2021–22 Season. The Golden Boot was given to the South Korean since he scored the most goals in the league.

Son played 35 times for Tottenham Hotspurs in the Premier League in 2021–2022. It saw him score 23 goals, which turned out to be the most goals scored in the Premier League in the previous season. He had an inextricable bond with Harry Kane. Even yet, the South Korean was able to contribute seven assists. Tottenham, which managed to finish fourth the previous season, was helped by his exploits to regain a position in the Champions League.

Heung-Min Son achieved his highest-ever rating in FIFA 23 with an 89. Some of his strongest qualities are as follows: 88 Pace, 86 Dribbling, 89 Shooting, and 82 Passing.

4- Cristiano Ronaldo (90 Rating)

20 BEST FIFA 23 Premier League Players

Cristiano Ronaldo, widely regarded as one of the greatest players in football history, had to be included on our list. The first player on our list with a 90 rating is a Portuguese. Even while many questioned whether the league would prove to be too challenging for him at his age, Ronaldo shocked the football world in 2021 when he unexpectedly returned to Manchester United. However, Cristiano Ronaldo, as usual, silenced his detractors by scoring goals left and right for the Red Devils.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 18 goals and provided 3 assists in 30 appearances for Manchester United in the 2021–22 Premier League, despite having a dismal season's end. The five-time UCL champion took 110 shots, demonstrating his outstanding spatial intelligence on the field.

FIFA 23 reduced the Portuguese to a 90 Rating as a result of Cristiano Ronaldo's dismal season. Here are a few of his video game characteristics: 78 Passing, 81 Pace, 85 Dribbling, 92 Shooting, and 75 Physicality.

3- Virgil Van Dijk (90 Rating)

20 BEST FIFA 23 Premier League Players

The dependable Dutch center back, Virgil Van Dijk, joins the 90s club. Liverpool became one of the greatest teams in Europe right away after signing Van Dijk back in 2018 because of how important the CB is to them. For Liverpool, Virgil Van Dijk has been the dominant force at the defense. Every game demonstrates his dominance over his team.

When Virgil is out from a match, Liverpool appears lacking, and their defense deteriorates. For the Merseyside club during the 2021–22 Premier League season, The Big Dutch made 34 appearances. He allowed Liverpool to maintain 21 clean sheets, which they did. In the 2021–22 Premier League Season, Van Dijk made 31 interceptions, 107 clearances, 204 recoveries, and scored 3 goals.

Virgil Van Dijk has a FIFA 23 rating of 90. Making him a member of FIFA 23's elite. His traits are 71 passing, 91 defense, 81 pace, and 86 physicality.

2- Mohamed Salah (90 Rating)

20 BEST FIFA 23 Premier League Players

How is Mo Salah not included? For a few seasons now, the Egyptian King has been among the finest players in the Premier League. In addition, his fast footwork and lethal left-foot shots make him a big favorite in FIFA games. During the previous season, Mohamed Salah experienced significant highs and lows; nevertheless, today we will only highlight his highs.

Mohamed Salah played 35 times for Liverpool during the 2021–22 Premier League season. He shared the Golden Boot with Heung-Min Son after scoring 23 goals in his 23 attempts. The previous Premier League season saw Mo Salah contribute 13 assists as well, making him the league's best playmaker. Up until the final week of games, his precise finishing kept Liverpool in the title chase.

Mo Salah has a 90 on FIFA 23. The Egyptian King has the following skills: 90 pace, 90 dribbling, 89 shooting, and 82 passing.

1- Kevin De Bruyne (91 Rating)

20 BEST FIFA 23 Premier League Players

Kevin De Bruyne, one of the best midfielders the game has ever seen, is unquestionably the hottest property in the Premier League, which is why FIFA gave him the highest rating among all players, not just those in the Premier League. He is joined on the podium as FIFA 23's Best Player by Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Robert Lewandowski, and Karim Benzema. He is FIFA 23's Best Midfielder thanks to his outstanding rating.

Last season, Manchester City's performances were driven by Kevin De Bruyne. His divine insight on the football field inspired some incredible plays for the Citizens. It's impossible to predict what he and Erling Haaland will accomplish together now that they are coupled up for this season.

Kevin De Bruyne played 30 times in the 2021–22 Premier League season. He scored 15 goals and gave his teammates 8 assists while he was on the field. After winning the championship, he was also voted the Premier League Player of the Season. He also generated 17 Big Chances.

Kevin De Bruyne received a 91 rating from FIFA 23. The Belgian midfielder's characteristics are 74 Pace, 87 Dribbling, 88 Shooting, 93 Passing, and 77 Physicality.


There you have it, then! a complete ranking of Premier League players with the best ratings in FIFA 23. You will find it much simpler to focus on the players you need to pursue in FIFA 23 Career Mode or your Ultimate Team after going through the list. There is so much excellent talent to compete for, and these players are currently showing no signs of slowing down, so you may anticipate in-form cards relatively soon.

Check out our FIFA 23 best camera settings or FIFA 23 best controller settings guide to help you improve your in-game setup for some choices you'll want to investigate. Also, check out everything else we know, such as the FIFA 23 5 star skillers, FIFA 23 trading tips, and how to transfer FIFA points from 22 to 23.

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